10 February 2010

WOI Groupies: It's not too late...

Thanks to Geeks are Sexy.net for alerting us to the must-have present for all the ladies this Valentine's Day...

Available in Multicam, Universal Camouflage Pattern, US Marine Pattern ("MARPAT"), Canadian Pattern ("CADPAT"), the relatively useless US Navy Pattern (NAVPAT), and bridal white.

Available accessories include airsoft M-4, Improved First Aid Kit, and 9mm holster. Damn, some women know how to party.

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Lily said...

No, I didn't watch Bruno, but since you're bringing this post here... are you familiar with BBC's "Allo, allo"?

You know, you Yanks don't have a monopoly on weird sense of humor... as a matter of fact the Brits can come up with rather bizarre stuff as well !
And this post just reminds me of GESTAPO-Flick in Helga's underwear.
Pretty much the same sight as the babe in your post - except of course for the hairy legs...!

Good to see as well, that Du Pond has turned to producing such in incredible useful items!
Since their contribution to the shuttle wasn't quite that useful, was it?