01 November 2008

Update from Kuwait

Kuwait serves as an initial base for troops entering Iraq.  While the facilities in Kuwait aren't Club Med, there's certainly enough to keep everyone occupied.  I could go on about the multitude of fast-food facilities, the quality dining facility, but I won't.  Nor will I talk about the Halloween party at the USO (that was certainly a highlight, particularly when the British people showed up).  I'll praeiterate the quality of the on-post gym, too.

Rather, I think this sums up the quality of life in Kuwait.  

Okay, so it was about $3.50 for a Venti Coffee and about $4.70 for a Venti Capuccino, but in the middle of the desert, I'd say it's worth it.  And if you think I'm a coffee snob, consider that most men would rather wake up to coffee than women

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