23 December 2008

Even Our Enemies Need Their Facebook...

A few articles from around the Blogosphere talk about the need for trans-national entities, such as al-Qaeda, to communicate and recruit across large distances, which they do using the Internet.  To maintain a large network like al-Qaeda, say experts, you would need to use a large number of features commonly found in Web 2.0.

I actually read the article in amazement, but apparently, the author is suggesting that to communicate effectively, terror organizations would need (and may already use) features similar to Facebook (to organize, network, poke each other and tag one another in drinking pictures), Wikipedia (to capture lessons learned), Advertising (I can only imagine the ads), and perhaps even a sort of Virtual World used for training simulations and seminars, similar to Second Life or World of Warcraft.  I guess Osama Bin Laden might actually be in a cave somewhere screaming "Leeroy Jenkins!!!!!!"  

As much as I joke about a terrorweb, it brings up a lot of issues.  Most are unaware of the "Deep Web", "Darknet", and the "Dark Web"--portions of the Internet where Google and other conventional search engines haven't tapped into, that may comprise a vast porton of the Internet.  How would one combat an organization that communicates on the Dark Internet?  Could these networks be attacked through kinetic means (hacking), or could they be brought down through social engineering and infiltration? 


Murphy's Mom said...

Coffee on the keyboard is quite effective too.

Bev said...

hank you for all that you do.

Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas and Joyous and Blessed New Year. Blessings to your family. God keep you and your buddies serving with you safe, strong and victorious.