16 December 2008

No, I didn't die

Looks like I haven't posted in forever (a few days).

After the outpouring of support from organizations like Adopt a US Soldier (their efforts have extended to a number of elementary schools, who have been sending care packages), I felt like I should be sending something in return.  So I did this--Every time I fly, I take along two flags so that I can send them back to the US for those who send us care packages.  We put them in a little wooden case, along with a picture and a certificate and say that "this flag was flown on a UH-60 helicopter in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom".  

One of the first flags is definitely going to the VP of Adopt a US Soldier, Lauren Janning, who has been responsible for literally dozens of care packages.  I'm not kidding, I'm soon going to have about ten boxes of sheets and blankets for Soldiers within a week or so.  It's a small token of appreciation for someone who did so much for us.   

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Skybag said...

That's awesome! One of my friends sent me a flag that he had carried with him in his F-15E along with a certificate that listed the missions he flew with it. It's a great idea! I think he also sent me some dinari that he had carried with him to bribe the locals with in case he was shot down. I was delighted with both gifts!