05 December 2008

Is this the same army that invented the Blitzkrieg?

Well, this is what happens to an army--possibly only a brigade of a few thousand soldiers--that consumed some 1,700,000 pints of beer and 90,000 bottles of wine in 2007, and consumed over 800,000 pints of beer in the first six months of 2008.

German forces have come under intense scrutiny after several reports had indicated that they largely failed to train the Afghan police as they were originally intended to. Wonder if this has anything to do with it:

The physical condition of [German] soldiers [in Afghanistan] was already in question after a German armed forces report found that 40 per cent of its soldiers aged 18-29 were overweight, compared to 35 per cent of the civilian population of the same age.

The report, published in March, concluded that the Bundeswehr lived on beer and sausages while shunning fruit and vegetables. It said that an overdeveloped bureaucracy was also contributing to a “passive lifestyle” on the part of the soldiers.

Reinhold Robbe, the parliamentary commissioner for the German armed forces, concluded: “Plainly put, the soldiers are too fat, exercise too little and take little care of their diet.”

So, for once, there's an article pointing to a significant portion of the population being overweight that doesn't involve us Americans. Globalization at work, my friends!


SunJun said...

I was really surprised by that article. The nation that produced von Clausewitz, the legendary and highly feared General Staff, and some of the best damn weaponry in the world is reduced to a bunch of overweight drunks.

I suppose its a good thing the Soviets never tested the entire Fulda Gap thing.

Murphy's Mom said...

Are YOU getting any beer and sausages Starbuck? If you have to be stuck in Afghanistan(or Iraq), there might as well be beer...

Anonymous said...

Do you want the the legendary Prussian/German Army operating with current technology?
WWII and Nuremberg destroyed that army and all its conceptual background.

Bag Blog said...

I guess I should stop sending candy and cookies to my soldier.