29 December 2008

So with Christmas over...

The packages have only been trickling in.  At this point, it's probably for the best, as I don't think I can look at another cookie again.  If anyone wants to send over some healthy snacks (fruit snacks, jerkey, almonds, health bars, etc), I'd gladly appreciate those.

I'd also like to thank Sarah in Syracuse for her Christmas package.  Now, to add background to this package, I have to admit that I have this strange compulsion to wear bizarre, humorous and at times offensive t-shirts to bars and clubs.  What's even more sad for the fate of humanity is that these t-shirts have, at times, fueled my encounters with the fairer sex.   Sarah is one of those individuals whom I met at the Sackets Harbor Brewing Company this past summer, whileI was wearing a t-shirt made popular in Dinosaur Comics.  

At any rate, she knows my love of "Rick Rolling" various message boards, and got me a t-shirt with none other than Rick Astley and the text "You've just been Rick Rolled".  Plus she got me about 200GB of music.  And an Under Armor shirt.  She rules.

Latest writing project--I'm looking at publishing another article for Small Wars Journal regarding upgrading our captains' career courses in order to actually create the "Pentathlete Soldiers" that will be so valuable to 21st Century conflict.  So just in case you were afraid that I concentrated too much on Internet memes and not to serious studies into the art of conflict.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's time for another care package...seems I know what you like...;)