04 December 2008


Looks like I got a brand-new Amazon Kindle to replace my old one free of charge from Amazon.com!

For those of you that read a lot of books and newspapers (and I'm one of them), the Kindle really is the device for you. Particularly back in the US where you can get books and newspapers delivered to you automatically over the Kindle's wireless transfer feature. Now I don't have to surf around to buy a copy of the NY Times or the Wall Street Journal...I just get it on my Kindle, along with hundreds of other books.

While the book selection is limited for now, I think I can really see this being the way of the future. Nothing can quite beat the feel of a paperback, but for carrying around a book collection on the go, you'll want the Kindle.

Performance in the desert is still under scrutiny, though. I had a screen issue with my old Kindle (although I suspect it wasn't related to being in Kuwait), but Amazon replaced it for free, so the warranty is definitely a plus on this device.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about buying my hubby a kindle for his bday. He's in the sandbox. Any chance of him being able to get new books for it while over there? I've searched and searched, and you're the first I've come across who might be able to say a little more than "he should". LOL. Thanks!


Starbuck said...

You can download books to your laptop, but you will have to download them to your computer first and transfer them with a USB cable.