14 March 2009

And this, my friends, is how you do a milblog

The 10th Mountain Division blogs and they do it correctly. I just stumbled across the home page for Task Force Mountain's blog, and I am impressed. There's a section for Task Force Mountain news, 10th Mountain Division cartoons, and even an op-ed portion where Major General Michael Oates, the 10th Mountain Division Commander, solicits advice from the field on all sorts of subjects.

What I think is really neat is that there have been a number of blog entries from MG Oates requesting debate on the treatment of single soldiers and activities for them. Which appeals to me because, as a single soldier, I've been distressed at the fact that, as we attempt to take care of families, we sometimes do so by sticking single soldiers with weekend and Christmas duties. It looks as if there might be an upcoming bar of Fort Drum, but I'll stick with my walking-distance Sackets Harbor Brewing Company.

So link to Task Force Mountain, add it to your RSS Reader and enjoy. But enjoy this blog first.

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