15 March 2009

Things to add to the M model Black Hawk

(Every day I keep coming up with some complaint. This is soon to be a weekly feature)

I wish I had some more interesting flying stories, but unfortunately, I can't give a whole lot of details. And even then, it's not that interesting, as the missions involve a great deal of flying over sand and maybe the occasional foray over a big river or two in the country. But anyone with a 5th grade education knew that much about this country.

Anyway, with the amount of sand and dust that's sometimes kicked up, a light rainstorm that pops up in the middle of a flight does little more than solidify much of the dust on the windshield of the cockpit. This is most annoying because a heavy rainstorm would wash the dirt off, but a light rainstorm only serves to cake the windshield in dirt.

Which led us to consider the following during a flight the other day--Sikorsky, why haven't you added windshield washers on the aircraft? Seriously, there are windshield wipers on the Black Hawk, but there are no washers. How much are windshield washers on most cars--like $30? We spent $8 million on the aircraft, why not spend an extra $30 for windshield washers?

(Cue the smartass who says that we are equipped with windshield washers: the pilots, the crew chiefs, etc)

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