03 March 2009


Yes, courtesy of Rudius Media's very own KungFu Mike, I'd like to present the greatest party of the month of March (until St. Patrick's Day and Spring Break come up).  

That's right, I'm talking about SnuggieJam 2009!  You heard that one correctly--show up at the bar wearing one of those snuggie blankets (the ones with the sleeves sewn into them) and prepare to drink.  Chuck Norris had to be turned away from this event, due to the fact that if Chuck Norris and the snuggie were in the same place at the same time, the sheer amount of awesomeness might transform into a power so great, yet so destructive, that it might consume the entire world in a conflagration of awesomeness. 

I'm telling you, if I were back in Upstate NY, I'd drive from there to New Hampshire, home of SnuggieJam 2009 (TM), just for this event.  And you know what, I wouldn't even fill out the Army-mandated driving risk assessment for the trip to New Hampshire.  Nay, the fact that I'm drinking with with my arms sticking through a snuggie, and not under a regular blanket (muy peligrosa) makes this the most incredibly safe activity ever.

There is even a contest to pimp one's snuggie.  Come on, at $14 per snuggie blanket, it's cheaper than a witty t-shirt.  

Focus:  Can you handle SnuggieJam 2009?

1 comment:

BLACKHORSE70 said...

sorry, i got spoiled by my whoobie,(the one i covered up with at Scania,). while on convoy escort duty from navstar to anaconda. Sometimes u just cant let a good thing go.