02 March 2009

What is this "snow day" you speak of?

After checking various Facebook statuses and seeing a thread on the Tucker Max Message Board, I have concluded that the southeast got snow yesterday.  True to form, it's far less expensive to shut down the cities for a day than to buy salt trucks, so everything is cancelled (resulting in lots of Facebook posts).  

I'll never forget one Monday morning in the Aviation Captains' Career Course in lower Alabama during the month of April.  I showed up in the morning in shorts and a t-shirt and wondered where one particular student was.  As it turns out, that particular student, a 10th Mountain Division veteran, had gone to see his girlfriend in Upstate NY over the weekend and had gotten stuck in a blizzard.  I remembered thinking to myself "Damn, glad I don't live there", and proceeded to send him vulgar text messages--after all, he was stuck with his girlfriend in a blizzard, so those types of comments are pretty much a given.    

O Fate, how you mock me.  


SunJun said...

Reminds me of that statistic that shows how the number of baby births seems to skyrocket nine months after any major snowstorm, hurricane, or other disaster that traps people in their homes for an extended period of time. I suppose when you're trapped together, couples fall to more traditional entertainment.

DC got hit pretty hard (by Southern standards). About 4 to 12 inches of snow; my office is a ghost town today.

Starbuck said...

It was funny, because he finally got a flight out the next day or so and said "What does 'Bow chicka wow wow' mean?"