20 March 2009

Would it help if I got out and pushed?

Starting up a Black Hawk helicopter can sometimes be an adventure. The hydraulic system actually starts up an auxiliary power unit, which can then be used to run a generator to power the avionics, as well as an air source to start the engines. During preflight, you need to ensure that the pressure on the auxiliary power unit's accumulator is at 2800 PSI or else you won't have enough pressure to start it, meaning you have to manually pump it up all the way from zero.

And, the other day, we had a little electrical issue that wouldn't allow the hydraulic system to provide enough pressure to the accumulator, and, in effect, it dumped pressure all the way to zero. Right before we were supposed to take off, too.

At least I got some exercise that day. Well, in between rounds of me laughing and videotaping everyone else when it was their turn to pump the pressure back up.

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This is a great video. I have met Mr. Crandal and he is exceptionally friendly and humble.