13 April 2009

Care package from Switzerland

Today I got a care package I was eagerly anticipating. Claudia-Tatjana Strebel, a Swiss journalist, philanthropist and author (and granddaughter of a former US Army General) volunteered to send a care package over here, consisting of Swiss chocolate. Yes, we're talking about the same Switzerland that is the home to the Nestle Chocolate. Of course, I couldn't say no

The package arrived today. I was actually a little worried--since it's starting to get somewhat warm outside, I was afraid that it might melt. But fortunately, I received the package today, and the chocolate was intact and unharmed. I have to admit it--I've been to Hershey, Pennsylvania, and the Swiss chocolate has Hershey's beat hands-down. I feel like I can go ahead and eat it without feeling guilty, as I stayed away from all of the Cadbury eggs and Peeps this Easter.

So not only do I say thanks to Claudia, but to anyone who speaks German, I'd like to point you over to her book, available on Amazon.de. The book is about the World Trade Center Building 7 on 9-11, and it's a fiction book which apparently makes fun of a lot of the ridiculous conspiracy theories that arose after 9-11.

Bonus: Post offices must be the same all over the world. The Swiss post office uses lettering and graphics that look just like the US Postal Service, except instead of a stylized eagle, there's a stylized Swiss cross.

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