22 April 2009

Mail Bag

I really appreciate that people take the time to send packages. I appreciate it even more when people take time to actually hand-make things for Soldiers.

But with that said, what am I going to do with hand-knit mittens and caps in Iraq with summer coming up? Good thing these can be put to good use when I get back to Fort Drum…

In other news, I had a bag of jellybeans that I grabbed from the dining facility and put at my desk. But wouldn’t you know it, someone stole them. Fortunately, the person that stole them felt guilty and tossed me a replacement bag of jellybeans from his care package that he received today.

“Oh yeah, Sir, here’s a bag of jellybeans to replace the bag of yours that we ate.”

“Wait, you guys took my jellybeans?”

“Ate, Sir, not took.”

“What’s the difference?”

“’Took’ means we just grabbed them off your desk and put them in our office. We flat-out ate your jellybeans. You’re not getting them back.”

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