28 May 2009

Congratulations, Small Wars Journal!

Small Wars Journal is a great site. But you normally wouldn't associate it with Rolling Stone Magazine's "Hot List". Until now.

This time, we're banking on an assortment of movers, shakers and muckrakers that runs the gamut from the warfare digest "Small Wars Journal" to Hot Issue cover girl Lady Gaga (check out video from our photo session here, and shots of her wildest moments here). Plus, flip through our Hot List photo gallery to see the faces of the list, and check out profiles of some of the figures breaking through this summer.
The online version of Rolling Stone mentions SWJ in the intro to its "Hot List", but I can't find an in-depth discussion of it in the online version of the magazine. I think RollingStone.com would rather post large pictures of Daisy Lowe than a screen capture of SWJ's home page (no offense to the SWJ editors, but I can certainly sympathize).

It looks as if I'm going to have to acquire a copy of Rolling Stone when it gets shipped over here.

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samrx said...

I agree with you I think that Small Wars is a great site, but the best thing in this site is this beautiful woman wearing that sexy bikini, I know that all men think that same.