02 May 2009

Miss California

I get to see many the highlights from CNN, MSNBC and Fox News on AFN-News.

It's no surprise to all of us that there's a lot of sensationalism in all of the news outlets, as well as an excess of ridiculously stupid news stories on the big cable news stations. I like that I get a balanced dose of CNN and Fox News, but I don't like that AFN-News seems to give me the worst aspects of both CNN and Fox News.

Today, Fox News--the same Fox News that dedicated more coverage to Anna Nicole Smith's death than any other network--decided to devote a hefty amount of air time to Miss California's views on gay marriage.

I don't even give any credence to Jenny McCartney's insane ramblings about the alleged hazards of having your kids immunized, and she posed in Playboy. Who the fuck is Miss California, then?

Most of us have known since the days of Tucker Max and Katy "Did he died" Johnson (aka Miss Vermont) that beauty pageant queens aren't known for in-depth socio-political conversations, much less sentence syntax.

As evidence, I merely point to everyone's favorite product of the South Carolina public educational system, Laura Caitlin Upton (Miss Teen South Carolina 2007).

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