02 May 2009

New book by fellow bloggers…

I'm still learning some of my favorite milbloggers' real names, so bear with me.


I saw a new book being advertised on Zenpundit called "Threats in the Age of Obama". It includes essays from Matt Armstrong (MountainRunner), Matt Devost and Mark Safranski (Zenpundit), as well as a number of other prominent milbloggers. It's not available on the Amazon Kindle (jeez, Web 2.0ers), so I'll order the printed version of it. Should be here in about a week or so, providing there's no huge sandstorms.


Roger Klang said...

Herro American soldier!

If you divide the bloginlays in bunches of five and five, or ten and ten per page at a time, it makes it easier and faster to scroll! Furthermore, when one has followed a link on your blog, one don´t need to scroll down when backing up to your blog, with my way. Your way is really time wasting!

Roger Klang, Lund Sweden

mark said...

Ah, sorry about the lack of kindle availability. That's out of my hands, the editor Michael Tanji's as well - Amazon deals directly with the publisher for Kindle versions.

To make up for it, I'll see that you get an advance copy of the upcoming _The Clausewitz Roundtable_ gratis whenever Nimble has their review copies printed (probably late summer).

Thanks for the nod - and the purchase!!