27 May 2009

Quick Post--The New Media in peril?

Excuse typos and whatnot, I need to post this before the power goes out again.

I just received this e-mail from someone involved in an Army-based web forum called "CompanyCommand.com" (whose sister site is "PlatoonLeader.com"). Seems that, with projected budget "cuts", the first thing to go isn't bloated programs like the F-22 Raptor or the Army's Future Combat System, but rather, inexpensive projects which have actually yielded impressive results by spurring innovation from the field. Says the e-mail:

Fellow member of the CC professional forum:

We need your help!

Budgets & personnel are on the chopping block. One colonel told us this month that his plan to meet the cuts was to get rid of us and asked, "What does a website have to do with the mission?"

This isn't just a website or another Army organization. This is a grass-roots movement of leaders who are sold out to the cause of leading and loving Soldiers and growing combat-effective teams. Thousands of Company Commanders and Platoon Leaders (past, present, and future) are already engaged in a vibrant, ongoing conversation--sharing our hard-earned knowledge and experiences with each other, becoming more effective, and advancing our profession.

Take a moment and consider the MilSpace Platform. MilSpace provides the foundation of CompanyCommand and PlatoonLeader and also hosts your personal area (dog tag) and the Pro-Reading Forum. Soon, we will launch LeaderCast, which is a place for video clips of leaders like you talking about their experiences (we already have hundreds of clips set to post). The team also takes responsibility for monthly articles in ARMY Magazine and other projects such as the MCCC Yearbook, the Iraq Cdr AAR Book, and the Afghan Cdr AAR Book--all possible because of a groundswell of leaders like you who are on a mission to share their knowledge and to learn from others.

Again, I don't know how serious the recommendation was to shut down CompanyCommand.com, but should anyone question the power of "The New Media" on combat operations, I merely direct them to this article in Small Wars Journal. (Includes interviews from Zenpundit, David Kilcullen, Thomas Ricks, Abu Muqawama, and, of course, from me).

Focus: If you have an account at CompanyCommand or PlatoonLeader, log in and tell the admins not to shut the site down.

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