30 May 2009

We knew it was coming...

With SWJ appearing on the Hot List in Rolling Stone, the jokes have been flying. The guys in the Small Wars Council were joking about a SWJ bikini shoot (bad mental image).

It's better than the initial joke that I had, where the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine would be a boy band consisting of Nagl, Exum, Dave Dilegge, Zenpundit and David Kilcullen called the "Small Wars Boys". (As South Park astutely notes, there must be 5 people in a boy band)

Well, the guys at the Mudville Gazette have this joke topped. (Thank God he didn't photoshop Andrew Exum into Lady Gaga's bubble bikini)

Anyway, someone at the Small Wars Council apparently got ahold of a copy of the magazine and posted the text. There's a picture of a Somalian pirate, along with the following:

Hot Intelligence: 'Small Wars Journal'
The Military's New Must Read

Want to know how Obama is going to fight the war in Afghanistan? Then check out Small Wars Journal, an online magazine that provides a crash course on asymmetric warfare. Get schooled in fighting Somali pirates. Find out what Malcolm Nance, a former Navy interrogation instructor, thinks about waterboarding ("a torture technique, Period"). When David Kilcullen, special adviser to Gen. Petraeus, live-blogged the Iraq surge, he did it for SWJ.

Contributions include who's who of the sharpest minds in uniform, regardless of rank. "You're judged purely on the strength of your intellectual argument," says John Nagl, a retired lieutenant colonel who helped write the Army's Counterinsurgency Field Manual. Run by two former Marines, the site is a must-read for military insiders. "We must be doing something right," says co-founder Dave Dilegge, "because we get people calling us Attila the Hun warmongers one day and counterinsurgency-loving tree-huggers the next."

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