05 June 2009

Go Joe!

The Transformers movie was awesome. Nevertheless, the movie got some criticism from international audiences for being a two-hour-long product placement for either GM cars (i.e., all of the Autobots), or for the US Air Force's latest toy (i.e., the F-22 Raptor as "Starscream")

Granted, there is some truth to the product placement rumors, but then again, this is a Transformers movie. All of the autobots are supposed to be cars, and the Decepticons are supposed to be US Air Force jets (Starscream was an F-15 in the 1980s). It's not supposed to be an in-depth analysis of the military-industrial complex--you're supposed to just sit back, watch the giant robots transform and punch each other, and ogle over Megan Fox. What more are you expecting?

The makers of the GI Joe movie are doing something different by actually pretending that the term "GI Joe" is not an American term, but rather, universal. Either it's an attempt to make a statement against US unilateralism and incorporation of our NATO allies into a global defense strategy (doubtful) or an attempt to make money in foreign markets (likely).

In this movie, the "GI Joe" team is an international peacekeeping force. That's right. We use the characters from the 1980s cartoon which started off each episode with "GI Joe...A real American hero", and we claim it's an international peacekeeping force. WTF.

Anyway, in celebration of the new GI Joe movie, I give you some very important public service announcements from the old 1980s GI Joe cartoon. Go Joe!

(Picture courtesy of CollegeHumor.com

WTF is this guy even in the lake in the first place? Creepy.


csd said...

Seen these? Fire up your non-DOD internet and enjoy.


SJ said...

Come now, you know that a GI Joe movie about a multidisciplinary, joint American task force blowing away terrorists across the globe would simply be labeled as yet another expression glorifying American Imperialism and militarism.

Though from what I can glean from the previews, it will still have an American general ruling it all with his allied lackies in harms way on the front line.

Seriously though, I was looking forward to this movie until I saw the stuff with the power suits. I know these sorts of movies are over the top, but I think that was too much for me.