06 June 2009

Links of the Day

For the next few weeks, I will be filling in doing a job that is very time-consuming, yet very boring. I will probably have the opportunity to start and finish a considerable book. I’m looking at either Plato’s Republic or the Iliad. The only down side to the Iliad is that I don’t have the Robert Fagles translation on my Kindle. Fagles translated an excellent Aeneid, and I have his version of the Odyssey on my Kindle, but not the Iliad. Decisions, decisions..

Links of the day:

President Obama's speech to the Muslim community in Cario was excellent. Check out the feedback at the following blogs (Thomas Ricks, Andrew Exum, Corey@RCCA SWJ)

But President Obama isn’t the only American reaching out to the Middle East. Indeed, another American is taking part in quest to find her new BFF in the city of Dubai…Paris Hilton. (Tucker Max Message Board)

And finally, Happy 25th Birthday to Tetris (GeeksAreSexy.net)


jumblerant said...

Skirting over the actual contents of the post for a second, I have 2 questions for you:

1. Is the kindle worth the money?

2. Can you recommend 4 must read books, about anything, that I can purchase off amazon for a few upcoming 12 hour flights?

Keep up the good bloggage!

Starbuck said...

Hi. I noticed your profile said that you are from Israel. I should say up front that I'm not 100% certain that the wireless features will work in Israel. I think you will need access to Verizon's EV-DO network in order to get it to work properly. Let me research that quickly and get back to you.

El Goyito said...

You are indeed an ambitious reader! If you read the Republic (and you must) why don't you preface it by watching some lectures by Yale professor Steven B. Smith? Here's a link to his whole Intro to Political Philosophy course (24 lectures) at Yale. He devotes 3 lectures to cover the Republic and I recommend you listen to them before or during your reading on that great work.