10 June 2009

The Megan Fox Bump

Ever since I installed my little sidebar tool on the bottom right corner of the screen, I've been treated to a detailed listing of where my viewers come from—not only geographically, but also what links they are clicking on to find this blog. It seems that a number of people are coming to this site after Google-searching "Megan Fox Star Wars T-Shirt".I figured that picture it would be a geek circle-jerk, but I never expected it to be that popular. I think the only thing that would be more popular would be in Star Wars T-shirt Megan Fox started making out with Natalie Portman with Princess Leia-style hair. (WTF goes on in my mind?)

One of the bloggers at Foreign Policy's Passport blog mentioned a phenomenon today known as the "Colbert Bump"—an increase in traffic which comes about by mentioning Stephen Colbert's name. Apparently, I've been experiencing something similar, as I've gotten plenty of hits from posting links to Jon Stewart and pictures of Megan Fox. What amazes me, however, is how many people from all over the world are coming to this site looking for Megan Fox pictures, and from countries you wouldn't expect. For example, let me say the following:

Ciao, mi amici a Italia!

Yes, I have been getting a number of hits from Italy recently. While it doesn't surprise me that guys in Italy might be eyeing the dark-haired/olive-skinned Megan Fox, I wonder why they need to do a Google search for pictures of Megan Fox in a Star Wars t-shirt? Italians get to watch soft-core porn on regular network television, and not the type where you have to fiddle with the antenna in order to discern a few blurry images and sounds (not that I know). Whereas we Americans get driven into a moral outrage over nipple shields, Italians grow up with nudity on TV, in Roman and Renaissance-era art, on the beaches, you name it. That's a far cry away from the time I tried nudity in Sackets Harbor, NY, and almost got arrested. And frostbite. Hey, it gets cold in Upstate NY.

What's funny is that the Megan Fox picture in question was embedded in a post involving combat force structure for counter-insurgency warfare—an issue which has since been tackled by Col. Pete Mansoor, former chief of staff for General Petraeus—and still got no replies a reply from Deus Ex. So maybe the Megan Fox bump isn't quite as powerful as I would like to think it is.

Focus: Those of you with blogs and IP trackers, post the most bizarre search strings people use to find your site. What bumps work better than "Stephen Colbert", "Megan Fox", and, according to the bloggers at Foreign Policy Online, "Susan Boyle sex photo"?

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