02 June 2009

OMG My Commander Joined Facebook

In recent months, we've seen articles entitled "OMG My Mom Joined Facebook", which are testaments to how truly mainstream Facebook now is. It used to be entirely within the realm of us college students, with me first joining in 2005 when the ever-trendy CasstheSass posted a thread on our college message board, The Wolf Web, entitled "OMG Facebook".

Now, I submit to you the phrase, "OMG My Commander Joined Facebook". I'm certain my troops have expressed shock at having a commander on Facebook ever since I took command, but then again, today's captains and lieutenants were the prime audience for Facebook when it first came out, so it's really not that shocking. What is shocking is the number of people who fall outside the GenY demographic who are using it for professional networking. Now, I see colonels on Facebook. And I just now got a friend referral for one commander whom I used to serve under.

This brings up a dilemma: do I friend him? What about the pictures and video of me in Cozumel? My Sackets Harbor debauchery pales in comparison to the things I've done in Latin America, so I'd really need to sanitize my profile if I were to friend him...

What if I post a note he doesn't agree with? Should I partake in the ridiculous "sheep throwing" game with him? I don't know.

Focus: Has your boss joined Facebook? What do you do? Would your boss be upset if you're not his new BFF? I think I need to custom-edit my Facebook page...


csd said...

When a new mode of interaction emerges, it takes some time for a standard of etiquette to develop and be commonly understood.

I think there are two options. First: segregate your friends, acquaintances, family, coworkers, etc. and set group privacy settings that cordon off your debauched tales and lewd photos. Meticulously maintain your postings so that nothing embarrassing or jeopardizing slips past to the Old Man. (http://www.allfacebook.com/2009/02/facebook-privacy/) Downside: facebook is supposed to be fun, and this is a pain in the ass and bound for eventual failure.

My preferred option: Don't accept friend requests from people you wouldn't want seeing your non-professional side. If the boss sends one, tell him (face to face) that facebook is your off-duty personal space, then deny the request. With proper delivery, he shouldn't be upset.

Anonymous said...

I keep it simple. No co-workers as friends. No exceptions.