16 June 2009

Too Early to Tell…

Much like many of my fellow milbloggers, I'm not making any predictions about Iran's recent election. Suffice to say, I will note that past protests in favor of reform in Iran about ten years ago have been put down by the Iraninan military, so maybe there's nothing more to see in this arena. Maybe.

An incident during breakfast will probably stay etched in my memory, however. As always, I try to sit next to a television that's showing the news, as opposed to the many televisions which show sports or movies. Surprisingly, no one else was watching the coverage of the protests in Iran, despite the fact that, well, anything that goes on in Iran will undoubtedly affect Iraq. Whatever--at least I could enjoy my coffee in peace.

The only person that seemed interested was one of the foreign contractors. I didn't ask where he was from, but I assumed that he was Iraqi. He sat down next to me, and as I looked at him, I noticed that, he didn't even have a tray with him. Indeed, he had sat down at that table simply because he was drawn to the images of the protests in Tehran. As I finished my breakfast, I left the table, leaving him to watch the news broadcast alone. He paid me absolutely no mind, so fixated was he on the news broadcast from Tehran.

Whatever the outcome is in Iran, it's certainly of importance to us. But it's a small deal when compared to those who will be living next to Iran day in and day out.

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