29 July 2009

Iraq War grinding to a halt?

I'm looking in my crystal ball, and thinking that the Iraq War will slow down considerably in the very near future.

I'm not just alluding to the fact that a good portion of the security in Iraq is being done by the Iraqis instead of the Americans. Nay, I'm also alluding to the fact that zero work will occur now that the DOD networks are once again allowing access to Facebook and Twitter. I will officially be accomplishing nothing as a result.

Okay, fortunately for the sake of the war effort, this policy is only affecting bases within the US. For the rest of us in Iraq, we will have to wait till we get back to our rooms to use our Sniper Hill Internet and use Facebook. (Well, either that or typing in "https" before the URL. That sometimes works.)

(H/T Boss Mongo)

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