21 July 2009

More on Ralph Peters

I'm not the only one who's outraged with retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters' statement on Fox News regarding the captured US Soldier in Afghanistan.

Armchair Generalist:

Ralph Peters has stepped way over the line. In discussing the captured
American soldier PFC Bowe Bergdahl, Ralph Peters is all set in his mind that
Bergdahl defected and that he deserves to be executed by the Taliban.

I urge you to contact Armed Forces Journal and Armchair General magazine and tell them that they need to drop Ralph as a regular contributor. I'd include Faux
News Channel and the NY Post, but really, what would the point be?

War is Boring:

In May, right-wing commentator Ralph Peters said the U.S. military should
kill journalists who are not sympathetic to U.S. war aims. Now Peters, a
frequent Fox News contributor, is back with his unique brand of angry lunacy,
encouraging the Taliban to execute a U.S. soldier captured in Afghanistan on
June 30. Peters called Private Bowe Bergdahl “an apparent deserter.”

Small Wars Council (user "Cavguy"):

Continuing his descent into madness, Ralph Peters strikes again.


It’s not every day I hear a military analyst hope for the execution of one
of our own soldiers captured by the Taliban. Even the FOXnews anchor babe,
psuedo-journalist looks like she’s trying to find her jaw on the floor when
Peters finishes his rant.

Was Peters on crack during the taping of this
segment? WTF?

More as they pop up. I'm kind of curious, with the thousands of retired lieutenant colonels out there, why Lt. Col. Peters seems to get as much coverage as Lt. Col. John Nagl and Col. Gian Gentile.


J. said...

He's the author of a few books, has the ability to write coherent articles on military issues, and has the conservative background that military journals like (but can't admit that are qualifiers for publication). It's weird - I've observed that he is careful enough to write thoughtful articles most of the time for AFJ and AG magazine, but for NY Post op eds he just opens up full bore crazy tones. So he does write well, and proliferantly, two things that magazines/newspapers/television shows like. He's developed a "brand" of sorts, but yeah, this latest thing, beyond the pale.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Yep that's exactly the problem with him: he's mentally not... well how can I put it? Let's just say, he doesn't have the mental capacity of making the best decisions and the most sane judgement at all times.

I agree with J., as a journalist the Lt.Col. doesn't seem to have any problems, comming up with some interesting topics and he also seems to be able to spot outpoints quite well... But where he goes from there... it isn't always the most sensible route he choses - that's for sure!

The fact that he went straight on to his accusation without any real facts, reliable intel or without even watching the video properly... is an act of treason of someone who's pretty much lost it.

I thought the Bergdahl-video was quite interesting and I wonder what happened that he cracked up this much.