19 August 2009

Karma is a bitch

Yesterday, I mentioned the report from a tanker* who mentioned that tanks are big metal boxes without air conditioning that bake in the desert sun--with a crew of four inside. I laughed and felt glad that I'm not a tanker.

That was until I became power-less and air-conditioner-less, once again (anyone want to play "name that contractor"?). Now I am beginning to understand what it must feel like inside a tank in the middle of the day. And trust me, it isn't pleasant.

*=I need to mention that Jason Sigger (of Armchair Generalist) astutely brought up the issue of the micro-climate cooling system in the M1 Abrams the other day, so the innards of the tank may not be that hot (any tankers care to weigh in on the MCCU?). Nevertheless, I'm trying to tell an amusing anecdote with this one, not give in-depth defense analysis.

1 comment:

J. said...

We are not amused.

Just kidding. Entertain us. I have to admit that even with the MCCU, it probably is pretty hot inside a tracked vehicle. Body can be cooled but it's certainly not an HVAC system.