17 August 2009

News back in America...

Well, Afghanistan's elections are only a few days away (with the Taliban threatening to cut off voters' ink-stained fingers), but I bet that's not the lead headline back in the US.

I'm guessing that the latest scandal involving Vanessa Hudgens' topless pictures (again) is the lead story, judging by the fact that this kid is completely losing his mind at the prospect of Vanessa Hudgens topless pics. Again.

Anyway, I love how the kid says "She's really hot, but really dumb. Almost as dumb as a blonde".

Ms. Hudgens, please take a lesson from Nautica Thorn regarding the futility of taking topless pictures of yourself. Seriously:

1 comment:

J. said...

Stupid little kid. As if he would know what to do with Vanessa if she just appeared naked in his bedroom. Grow the hell up.