04 August 2009

You bastards!

Apparently, a number of people have declared the 4th of August to be “No Megan Fox Day”, during which mens’ news sites are not posting any stories about Her Royal Hotness ™ , lest she become over-exposed.

I think that this is a conspiracy on the part of all the world’s fat and ugly chicks.

In response, I am asking that we double our Megan Fox coverage to make up for this outrage. (Plus, I need some more hits for my counter).

1 comment:

J. said...

Have you heard about the movie "Jennifer's Body" starring Ms. Fox? I looked at the trailer and shuddered. I sincerely hope we'll find out that she did this film several years ago when she had no choice but to do shlocky horror-teen strip movies in order to pay the rent.