18 September 2009

Fan Mail

Now, I am truly an international man of mystery. The fine employees of Vifor Pharma, a pharmaceutical company in Zurich, Switzerland, have invoked my visage to complain about the coffee at work. Check this out:

"Even the US Army in Iraq gets better coffee than we do!"

To be fair, though, it was Camp Buehring in Kuwait, not Iraq. Anyway, looks like they put my picture up, appropriately, next to the Italian coffee maker:

Slightly different wording "Even the US Army gets better coffee in Iraq than we do here". This must mean my picture is in multiple places in the office.


SunJun said...

That's hilarious! If my office gets cheap with our coffee, I'm going to have to try that.

SunJun said...

But wait a minute, isn't that a Krups machine in the second photo...?