16 September 2009

Safety first?

Today, I had just grabbed dinner from the dining facility with the safety officer. We hopped into the pick-up truck that we used for lunch runs, and I put the truck in reverse. The ever-astute safety officer noted something out the right door.


"Don't pull out yet, Sir, there's someone to the right of you"


"Good catch", I remarked. "We ought to take our time. After all, as you are so keen to point out, there's no need to rush and have an accident in the last days of a deployment", invoking the epitome of safe behavior.


"Speak for yourself, Sir", said the safety officer, "You didn't take ice cream from the dining facility", he said as he held up a cup of ice cream, which was quickly melting in the desert heat.


"Point taken, I accept tactical risk", I said, putting the truck in reverse. Hey, everyone loves ice cream, right?

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