12 September 2009


The end of a deployment carries with it certain inherent risks. Verily, the last few days of a deployment can sometimes be the most dangerous ones, with complacency and "get-home-itis" setting in.

Trying to impress this point upon some Soldiers, I heard a leader say, "In the next few weeks, we face an incredible challenge ahead of us. Who can tell me what that challenge is"?

The answer he was begging was something along the lines of "complacency". Unfortunately, one Soldier wasn't thinking along those lines...

"US Customs", he replied, referring to the mandatory inspection of equipment returning to the US to ensure that no war trophies went home with us.

I smacked my forehead.

On a related note, I did wonder where that old Iraqi ZU-23 machine gun went...

*--No actual war trophies were taken during the making of this blog post. That I'm aware of. Seriously, don't take war trophies.


El Goyito said...

Well before your deployment ends you need to ship me the rest of that T-72. What can I do with only the front housing assembly?

David M said...

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