30 September 2009

Web 2.0 and Work

Dave Dilegge at Small Wars Journal pointed out that the military's policies regarding Web 2.0 and social media seem to vary from service to service, with the US Marines and Navy blocking access to Small Wars Journal's discussion board (oddly enough, Dave Dilegge, Bill Nagle and Robert Haddick are all retired Marines).

The US Army, on the other hand, not only allows Soldiers to post on the SWJ message board, but also receives great feedback from these boards, with General Martin Dempsey and Brig. Gen. HR McMaster frequently soliciting the boards for advice.

Much has been written about the US military's reluctance to embrace social networking, but let's not be too harsh on the military--the corporate sector can be just as bad about blogging, as this article from Lifehack.org points out.

Focus: What does your work place think of your blog and Facebook? Do they know it exists? What would happen if they found your blog?

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