29 October 2009

Donate to Soldiers' Angels Valour IT!

Soldiers' Angels is a great charity organization which sends care packages to troops stationed abroad, as well as special packages to those wounded in the major hospitals in Iraq, Afghanistan and Landstuhl, Germany.

From now until Veteran's Day (11 November), Soldier's Angels will be holding the Valour IT project, a sort of friendly competition among the various milbloggers to raise money for this organization. The milbloggers are organized into teams falling along service lines (with Greyhawk supporting the US Air Force and Karaka Pend supporting the US Navy). All money goes to the same pot, so there really is no preferential treatment--just some friendly inter-service competition.

In order to raise money for this cause, I have noted that sex sells. In response, I will be accosting the young ladies tonight and soliciting them for money for this organization. With pics. Yeah, suck it, USNI Blog! (Just kidding, I love you guys)


Anonymous said...

*sneaks in* Navy Navy Navy!

J.L. Smith said...

Hi, there…just wanted to let everyone know that I am donating a percentage of my book sales – through Veterans’ Day – to Project Valour-IT! Why not donate to this very worthwhile cause and read a great book at the same time? You can read a sample chapter on the “Sneak Peek” tab at www.ReportingForDoodie.com. Please help support our wounded soldiers by spreading the word! Thank you!