18 October 2009

Links of the Day (Episode III)

So, the latest happenings:

  • Do you like science fiction AND military analysis? If so, you're in luck. Check out the article Adam Elkus and I (mostly Adam, though, he's awesome) wrote in Small Wars Journal just yesterday regarding speculative fiction and military futurism. Rarely do you see Battlestar Galactica combined with counterinsurgency theory, but we do it quite well.
  • Speaking of Battlestar Galactica--just finished the last half of season 4 this weekend, which I missed while I was in Iraq. I must say, they brought it to a great end.
  • According to the latest traffic I got from milblogging.com, it seems that the DoD's new policy regarding Web 2.0 and Soldiers might change from "every time you blog, you blog terrorism", to "be social, but be smart". This new change makes me very, very happy. So happy that I could dance. But unfortunately, you'll have to settle for this:


J. said...

Who do you work with at SWJ to get journal articles into its site? I've queried them with a submission but got no response. Not clear if anyone is listening or is the lack of a response considered a negative response? Would be nice to have some feedback.

Starbuck said...

Try Dave Dilegge and/or Bill Nagle. I will go to your site and get you their info.