23 November 2009

I can die happy now

Reach 364 has provided a link to what is hands-down the funniest thing I've seen on the Internet today. And I looked at a lot of LOLcats today, so this is quite an achievement.

Behold, Hamas' Broadcasting Service's children's programming, featuring Farfour the Palestinian mouse! Gaze upon his visage and...notice...something...familiar...

Wait. Wait. You know, usually when has-been stars take a tumble, they just turn to drugs and maybe star in some B-flicks or public service announcements i.e., Willie Aames). But not Mickey. His tumble has landed him in the employment of Hamas.

(As incredulous as all of this sounds, keep in mind that I'm not making this up, either. This is really a children's show created by Hamas' broadcasting wing.)

In this video, we witness Farfour the Mouse interacting with a pimpin' Israeli, who demands that Farfour give him the deed to all the Palestinians' land. Watch:

You need to watch this in order to gaze upon the visage of the second-most awesome instance of a man beating up another guy in an animal costume (first place going to Tucker Max's savage beating of a hockey mascot).

But, alas, Farfour the Mouse dies at the hands of the Israelis. In the next scene, a not-so-heartbroken child reads from her note cards, and informs us of the dreadful news. Seriously, WTF? Even in Sesame Street, we get the kids to memorize their lines.

At any rate, whereas we in the US had a half-hour long episode of Sesame Street to explain why Mr. Hooper died, Palestinians are treated to a girl reading a note card, informing us that Farfour is no longer with us.

But not to fear, Farfour has been succeeded by...a bee thing or something:

On a trip to the Gaza Zoo, a bee is invited to enter the...cat cage. Yes, the amazing Gaza zoo has an exhibit dedicated to creatures that most people have in their house. The cats don't even say things, either, like they do at "I Can Has Cheezburger", either. This truly is a 3rd-world country.

Anyway, much to the jubilation of the children watching the show, the bee thing actually picks up cats by the tail and throws them through the air. Let that sink in: on a show that alleges to take some sort of moral high ground in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the lead character picks up cats by the tail and throws them through the air.

Unfortunately, the bee thing dies. Much to my surprise, I realize that a human male weeps over the loss of "his son", the bee, and the bee's brother, Farfour the Mouse. This brings up all sorts of jokes of what exactly this guy did to have children which were bizarre animals. Anyway, behold the new creature, the Jew-eating rabbit: (Yes, you heard that correctly)

Finally, Hamas hate videos can not be complete without Jon Stewart putting his own spin on them at the Daily Show, in a segment entitled "Dr. Bagelman's Hour of Hate".

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So thanks to Reach 364 for wasting a lot of my time this morning. It was worth it :)

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Unknown said...

This post should have carried a disclaimer: WARNING: VIDEOS BEST VIEWED THROUGH BEER GOGGLES.

Thanks for making my day.