04 November 2009

Who's with me?

I've noticed that the reflector belt has been worn by members of the armed forces of the various NATO countries (plus Australia) on bases all over the Middle East. I also heard a testimonial from a soldier from Switzerland, who expanded upon the reflector belt dilemma:

I am familiar with this problem:

I had to paint my face, silence all possible noise sources in my luggage, tape all bright/metallic spots, wear a dark scarf and gloves… And then put on a reflector-thing…

So this reflector belt thing has spread throughout the US, NATO, Australia, the Sons of Iraq, and now to the neutral countries as well. You know, I think the only people not wearing reflector belts are...

...al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Solution: We have the Taliban's training manual, as well as one from al Qaeda. We need to infiltrate their message discussion boards where the discuss doctrine--I don't know, their Jihad Wars Journal site or whatnot--and start suggesting that they all wear reflector belts for absolutely no reason. Once they put this into their training manual, they will be much more visible and easier to kill. Granted, in population-centric counterinsurgency, killing insurgents isn't the main goal. However, we intend to make killing them so easy that it will be a really simple goal.

Who's with me?

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