05 December 2009

If you're new here...

I've noticed that I have a few new fans. Welcome.

A brief rundown on how I kind of organize my little empire. I have my main webpage, which is more or less dedicated to foreign policy, counterinsurgency, and the like. Maybe the occasional Internet meme or two.

I also have a Facebook account for this webpage, (as well as my personal one), which imports not only my blog posts, but also contains a number of great aviation-related links.

Finally, I have my Twitter account, which broadcasts my shared items in Google Reader (fun links which run the gambit from articles from think-tanks to raunchy internet humor), as well as some miscellaneous ramblings which usually occur when I'm drunk. (And Reach 364 says there's nothing valuable you can say with Twitter...tsk, tsk, tsk)

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