12 December 2009


Still in Las Vegas, so don't expect anything particularly thought-provoking.

Nevertheless, I found a few additional bits of reflector belt humor for your amusement, courtesy of "I Hate Reflective Belts" on Facebook.

The first is an excerpt from the Air Force Times, which sported the headline "Take Your Reflective Belt and Shove It". I've taken the liberty of highlighting the most unintentionally humorous portion of this article, along with the picture in question:

Part of the page’s popularity no doubt is because of the images: George Washington in a reflective belt crossing the Delaware; Santa and Frosty the Snowman, their reflective belts cinched tight below their tummies; a C-17 belted up; and a group shot of 11 airmen — glowing in the dark — with the words “Reflectivity Above All.”
And the picture:

See the mistake? According to the Air Force Times, the pictured aircraft (the only USAF Cargo plane on the website) is a C-17. But of course, we all know that this is a C-130 Hercules. Kind of a minor point, you know, with a C-17 being a jet and a C-130 being propeller-driven, but you should expect better out of the Air Force Times for Christ's sake. Not to mention, hasn't that "Reflective Belts Throughout History" joke been circulating for three or four years already?

Anyway, the Air Force Times displays about a dozen reflective belt pictures, to include what is now my favorite series of reflective belt pictures:

Of course, little can top this stand-up act by Carlos Mencia, who makes fun of the reflector belt craze:

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