12 January 2010

If only Private Military Contractors were like this...

Thanks to those of you who alerted me to the new A-Team movie trailer (specifically, Psychopath as well as the guys at KOW). The end of this trailer has--by far--the most ridiculous action sequence since the end of the 007 film Die Another Day, when James Bond pushes a helicopter out of the back of a crashing airplane, and, during free-fall, starts the engines of the helicopter.

Action movies lose their touch when you're in the military, but especially when you're in flight school. You see, every evil mastermind has at least one corrupt helicopter pilot in their ranks, and said pilot and aircraft always seem to be defying the laws of aerodynamics, as well as the published limits of the aircraft. As James Bond attempted to start the falling helicopter, we flight school students looked at each other and groaned, "Yeah, right, is he doing an engine start above 18,000 feet pressure altitude? Doesn't he know that Chapter 5 says that you can't do that? Jeez..."

Anyway, without further ado, the A-Team:

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