14 January 2010

Links of the Day

It's been a busy week, for certain. All I've had time for are a few links of the day:

The US Naval Institute Blog is leading the way when it comes to analysis of the disaster relief effort in the wake of the horrifying earthquake in Haiti this past Tuesday. Of particular note is their participation in the DOD Blogger's Roundtable, during which they discussed many of the logistical difficulties at Port-au-Prince Airport.

From having participated in disaster relief before, I think it's safe to say that if counterinsurgency is the "graduate level" of war, disaster relief earns one a PhD--the fact that there's a disaster to begin with indicates that something didn't go as planned in the least. More coherent thoughts on disaster relief to follow tomorrow.

Also, check out a new blog by Kings of War's Patrick Porter, entitled "The Offshore Balancer", which I'm currently adding to the blogroll (once I fix my blogroll widget, that is)

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Anonymous said...

There was an article in Military Review about 10 years ago on a Canadian relief operation in one of their towns following an extreme blizzard or something like that. The point I remember from it was that declaring martial law shouldn't be rushed into because once the military takes over, it becomes responsible for all of the civil government functions from law enforcement to garbage pickup even if there's civil personnel left to carry out those functions.

Colin Powell's Pottery Barn comment reminded me of that article.