06 February 2010

I am not touching these issues with a 20-foot pole

I am so glad I am not married.

Need proof? Check out these links. Not touching these issues with a 20' foot pole:

The wall for the Facebook group "Just because you saw the movie 'Dear John' doesn't mean you know about military relationships". The really juicy arguments are several "older posts" deep. Fortunately, I have spent the last hour drinking beer and picking out posts with the specific drama density of uranium, which can be located here and here. Throw in egregious spelling mistakes, and you have material worthy of Lamebook.

Next up is an article in Tom Ricks' The Best Defense, which discusses the relief of both the battalion commander and the command sergeant major of the 1st Battalion-508th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division, currently located in Afghanistan. When the article was written, we didn't have any indication of the actual cause of the relief, so speculation was wild.

How wild? How about the wives in the unit gathering on Tom Ricks' blog to bitch, complain, and hurl insults at one another? Yeah, go through the comments section and see for yourself (more commentary at Ink Spots).

Truth really is stranger than fiction.

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jenniferro10 said...

The comments are always better than the posts on his bog, IMO...

But seriously, if you don't mind being an idiot, what about not embarrassing your husband, at least? Don't they have bundt cakes to make? sheesh