03 February 2010

I need a new job

Is Foreign Policy Online hiring? If you guys are reading, I could and should write for you regularly, based on the snarky commentary I see posted there on a regular basis. I don't even want to get paid; I just want the ubiquitous Foreign Policy Online groupies that I know are out there.

Seriously, how can you beat lines like this:

Or this, from the "Foreign Policy Oscars, 2009":

Best costume: Libya's Muammar Qaddafi designs his own clothes.

Worst costume: Libya's Muammar Qaddafi designs his own clothes. You decide.

And, of course, this headline from the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen. It's since disappeared, but it read something like:

"Why shouldn't gay people be allowed to participate in the Afghanistan quagmire"?

They get paid to post snarky comments on the Internet? This is quite possibly the best job ever. Seriously, I could do this. Maybe Adam Elkus and I could pen "Mohammar [Qadaffi] and Silvio's [Berlusconi] Excellent Adventure". Who knows, we might cast Italian Equal Opportunities Minister Mara Carfagna or the Ukranian Prime Minister chick as a leading lady, I don't know.

Foreign Policy--are you hiring?

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