04 February 2010

Small Wars Journal Journal

(Adam Elkus also tipped me off to this one)

I'm kind of a relative newcomer to the Small Wars Journal empire, so I've always kind of wondered what the difference between the Small Wars Journal Blog and the Small Wars "Journal" was. As it turns out, SWJ used to be an actual Adobe PDF-style magazine, with collections of articles assembled and printed quarterly. However, in recent years, the blog format seems to have worked well enough to publish great articles and news roundups, so it looks as if they stuck with that.

Well, the PDF-style magazine is back. I don't know if this is called Small Wars Journal Journal or what, but it's pretty good. If you don't have the time to read every article SWJ publishes in-depth, this looks like it provides a decent roundup. (No Lady Gaga pictures on the cover? Jeez, guys!)

By the way, this might also be a good time to mention that you may want to consider donating some money to the Small Wars Foundation, clicking on the ads, or purchasing something from Amazon through the link on their site. Seriously, Dave Dilegge, Bill Nagle and the gang are just looking to make enough money to pay for all the bandwidth we keep sucking up, so help them out. :)

PS--Yeah, speaking of Lady Gaga, I had to throw out that copy of Rolling Stone magazine with the SWJ guys in it before I went through US Customs on the way back from Iraq. As it turns out, US Customs doesn't want porn coming back into the US. Or something like that. It really doesn't make sense that we'd prevent porn from coming back into the country from whence it was undoubtedly made, but that's the military for you sometimes. Verily, I realized I had to ditch the Lady Gaga magazine. Well, it was either that or convince Customs that, yes, she's covered in transparent bubbles and that I'm only reading it because I'm into military blogging. Yeah, I didn't want to risk the letter of reprimand, so into the trash it went.

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