30 March 2010

Ooo-rah! Marines OK Web 2.0

Wired.com's Nathan Hodge reports that the US Marine Corps has now opened its networks up to Web 2.0 sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

About damned time.

Seriously, I couldn't even find a Toys for Tots page on Twitter or Facebook. Are the Marines afraid that al Qaeda is going to find out that the Marine Corps Reserve is collecting toys at Best Buy this holiday season?

It's hard for me to fathom the Marines not adopting at least some Web 2.0 technologies by now. Then again, I am coming from the 10th Mountain Division, arguably one of the most Web 2.0-savvy organizations in the US military.

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Andy Kravetz said...

you know, that explains why I saw so many tweets yesterday from the USMC feed where people were having fun with the Marines.