12 May 2010

Airpower in Counterinsurgency Crowdsourcing

Thanks for all those who gave me feedback with this project so far. Here are the links which will allow anyone to edit both the MS Word file and the...(gasp) PowerPoint presentation. I need a lot of help with the text for the MS Word file, so please feel free to add your thoughts. Add your name at the bottom and I'll ensure you get credit when I submit it to Small Wars Journal.


A.E. said...

Put in some comments. They're not lolcat-related.

J. said...

I wouldn't suggest so much text in PPT briefs. Not enough white space. Your kung fu is weak...

Unknown said...

Looks like you are recording your thoughts/words on the powerpoint first. Should be easy to transfer the text to your word document and then pare the draft PP slides.

Have you seen this 1980's AF article? The author discusses airpower in several low intensity conflicts.

Also, can the Saudi's use of fighter jets in Yemen be considered an example of "counterinsurgency" airpower?

It is interesting to see your work in progress.

I am a new reader, sorry if I am chiming in mid-conversation.

Thanks for the Omissi referenced RAF history on one of your slides. It helped me find this synopsis.