20 May 2010

Let me clarify

It looks like I might have confused quite a few people with my misquoting of Thucydides last week. A few Greek and Latin scholars at the University of Kentucky seem to have read the quote here, and are trying to track down the original source. I'm basically responsible for their collective confusion (my bad).

I can't log in to the forum to answer them, as I don't have a UK login. However, if someone from that forum does read this page, please note that a US Army lieutenant colonel by the name of Christopher appropriately put me and another captain in our place. He identified the author of the quote as Sir William Francis Butler, writing in his book "Charles George Gordon" (p. 85).

I shouldn't be too hard on myself, though. Even the House Armed Services Comittee misidentified this one.

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Anonymous said...

Then again, if we all held ourselves to congressional standards, we wouldn't get to far, would we? :)