12 May 2010

Move over, 82nd Airborne...

...you've got some dance move competition from your counterparts in Iraq. Judging be the, uh, innuendo in this video, I estimate that, at this rate, we'll see combat troops covering "It's Raining Men" sometime next week.

And you thought the military couldn't handle the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". I can't wait to hear the command endorsement on this one.

Andrew Exum has the commentary at Abu Muqawama.


Andy Kravetz said...

Thanks, dude. It's been a tough morning. I needed a laugh.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to see if any gay activists take offense to the stereotypes being reinforced in this video.

I also wonder if they'll object to stereotypes that were overlooked - like rock-hard abs and really nice shoes. Some of those guys clearly need to spend more time on the ab machine and more time shopping for footwear in the PX. And no lisps? Come on now.