07 May 2010

There'll be no building of peace in this Army!

Most of you are familiar with "Building Peace", a blog run by an Air Force officer who goes by the moniker "Reach 364". Reach, a C-17 pilot, is studying Arab culture in Jordan, and takes time to post stories about his adventures. Sometimes humorous, often beautifully worded, and always insightful, it's one of my favorite military blogs.

Nevertheless, imagine my surprise when I tried to read it this morning:

Yup, Building Peace is banned, just like
Kings of War. However, it's web filter's categorizing of Building Peace that kills me. You have to click on the picture, but the verbiage reads "Your request was categorized by the Blue Coat Web filter as 'Military'".

"Military"? I can't read "military" sites anymore?! Who is running this web filter!?!?!

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