03 June 2010

I am evil

I will be participating in this:
It wouldn’t be polite to snicker, heckle, cheer, jeer, or pass notes while the new head of Cyber Command makes his first public appearance since his confirmation. That is, if we were in the room. But since dorks like us will all be behind our keyboards on Thursday at 9:30am, we can make all the comments we want. NSA director and Cyber Command chief General Keith Alexander is making a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. The talk will be webstreamed live. Watch it here, and share your comments with your Danger Room pals. Think of it as Mystery Science Theater 3000 for the nerds of national security. Or a chance to finally say what you think of a bigwig’s speech, instead of just tuning the guy out.
--Noah Shachtman, of Wired Magazine

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